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Smoke odors and soot damage need special attention after any type or size of fire. 
We offer a full service fire damage clean up that includes:

  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Soot cleaning (structure and contents)
  • Pack outs
  • Documentation
air testing cassettes

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soot on walls due to fire damage

Mold Detection and Remediation, LLC

Mold Detection and Remediation, LLC

If you suspect that there is a problem in your home, please don't hesitate to call us to do an inspection. Sometimes, mold may not be in the most visible of spaces, and upon client's request, we will do air sampling. 

We can also do Post remediation air sampling, with or without the report, to ensure that the affected areas are ready to be inhabited again.

In addition to air samples we can do vapor emission testing to ensure that there aren't any moisture problems.


Even slightest of leaks can prove to be the biggest of problems. It is highly important that when water damage occurs a trained professional is immediately on the job to ensure that:  

  • Property is completely and properly dried to ensure that secondary damage does not occur
  • Documentation of the water damage (pictures, moisture meter readings etc.)
  • Cost effective drying techniques are used
  • Property is dried out completely and efficiently so it can be put back together in a reasonable time

 One of the top 5 allergens is mold. Everyone reacts differently to mold and it is of great importance to know how to treat a mold situation. The key to controlling mold growth is moisture control. However, if there is a mold problem you need someone who has deep knowledge and understanding of mold treatment and mitigating processes. Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Testing; to do or not to do
  • Visual inspection and investigation
  • Estimates and/or reports
  • Air testing and/or surface sampling
  • Writing protocols and reading lab results
  • Remediation and/or recommendations